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June 6, 2017

Tabs Studio v4.3.0 released

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Tabs Studio v4.3.0 released:

  • Added the ability to visually separate super tab groups created by PriorityGroup, MvcGroup and Sorter add-ins.

Download link: Tabs Studio v4.3.0.

Super grouping tabs

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PriorityGroup, MvcGroup and Sorter add-ins group tabs together. PriorityGroup places important tabs to the beginning, MvcGroup groups ASP.NET MVC controller and view tabs near each other, Sorter groups tabs by project, path, part of the tab name, highlight index etc.

I’m introducing a new concept – super group to describe a group of tabs and customize its presentation. For example, the following screenshots show 3 super groups of tabs organized by project and separated with 20 pixels margin in horizontal and vertical tab layouts:

To make it all work, Tabs Studio core provides super group properties, Tabs Studio add-ins set these properties for super group tabs, the tabs style uses super group properties to define presentation, the tabs layout algorithm in Tabs Studio core adds margin between super groups.

Tabs SuperGroupMargin double property defines margin between super groups in pixels. Default value is 0 – no margin between groups. 20 is a good value to visually separate groups. A large value like 9999 with the horizontal tabs layout will force groups to take separate rows:

To set SuperGroupMargin use the following style:

<Style TargetType="TabsStudio:Tabs" BasedOn="{StaticResource DefaultTabsStyle}">
	<Setter Property="SuperGroupMargin" Value="20"/>

Tab SuperGroupIsFirstTab and Tab SuperGroupIsLastTab properties are True for the first and the last tabs in each super group. They can be used to apply a special style to the beginning and the end of a super group.

Tab SuperGroupName property is a string assigned to each tab in a super group. PriorityGroup add-in sets it to “[PriorityGroup]”. MvcGroup – to “[MvcGroup]”. Sorter – to “[Sorter] <Rule name>” resulting in “[Sorter] Project”, “[Sorter] Tests” etc. It can be used to set a distinct background color to these groups.

In Sorter add-in you have an option to “Create super group” for certain rules. You don’t want groups when sorting tabs alphabetically, but grouping tabs by project, path or a part of tab name will help separate them visually:

I have ideas to add more functionality supporting super groups (context menu commands, styles) and I’m waiting for your feedback based on actual usage.

Download link: Tabs Studio v4.3.0.

Update: See Super commands for super groups for additional context menu commands.

May 14, 2017

Tabs Studio v4.2 released

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Tabs Studio v4.2.0 released:

  • Added support for SQL Server Management Studio 17.
  • Added VS theme support to the tab context menu.
  • Changed Marker and Saver solution settings location to the .vs subfolder in VS 2015/2017.

Download link: Tabs Studio v4.2.0.

March 4, 2017

Tabs Studio v4.1 released

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Tabs Studio v4.1.0 released:

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017 RC4.
  • Created a separate installer for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Enabled the TrackEd add-in by default.
  • Added a missing style to show tab executing and debugging images in SSMS 2016.
  • Added a left margin for tab executing and debugging images in SSMS.
  • Removed references to VS 2008 from import/export settings.
  • Fixed a rare ArgumentException in VSDocument.get_full_name for SSMS 2016.
  • Fixed a rare COMException in VSDirectory.process_project_item.
  • Fixed a rare NullReferenceException in Navigator.Tabs.GetTabIndex.

Download link: Tabs Studio v4.1.0.

August 24, 2016

Visual Studio “15” Preview 4 support

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Visual Studio “15” Preview 4, released this week, uses a new multi-instance deployment which I’m not sure how to support from the current Windows msi installer. So, I’ve created a separate Visual Studio vsix installer just for the new VS “15”.

Download link: Tabs Studio “15” v4.0.1.

August 1, 2016

Tabs Studio v4.0.0 released

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Tabs Studio v4.0.0 released:

  • Stopped support for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, SSMS 2005 and SSMS 2008.
  • Added Task Canvas tab tracking exclusion to the TrackEd add-in.
  • Added stdole.dll to the Tabs Studio installer for VS 2015+.
  • Fixed the registration conflict on startup with Window Title Changer.
  • Fixed the rare SEHException with signals dispose on exit.

Download link: Tabs Studio v4.0.0.

May 10, 2016

Tabs Studio v3.8.0 released

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Tabs Studio v3.8.0 released:

  • Added support for Visual Studio “15” Preview Enterprise (Visual Studio “15” Preview with New Lightweight Installer is not supported).
  • Added support for SQL Server Management Studio 2016 March Preview Refresh and newer builds (older builds of SSMS 2016 are no longer supported).
  • Removed the Close All but Pinned command from the context menu.
  • Removed the incorrect hook for stdole.dll loading in Visual Studio 2015+.
  • Fixed the rare MarshalingWindowFrame disposed object exception in the Saver add-in.

Download link: Tabs Studio v3.8.0.

April 9, 2016

SSMS 2016 RC2 breaking changes

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On April 1 SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate 2 was released along with the SQL Server Management Studio March 2016 preview refresh v13.0.13000.55. This new version of SSMS uses the Visual Studio 2015 Isolated shell and doesn’t allow any 3rd party extensions like Tabs Studio.

Update (May 10, 2016): Thanks to Karl Burtram from Microsoft, Tabs Studio is now in the SSMS 2016 package load inclusion list.

March 6, 2016

Tabs Studio v3.7.2 released

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Tabs Studio v3.7.2 released:

  • Created the TrackEd add-in to show a yellow bar in the tab title for modified files and a green bar for edited and saved files.
  • Added the ability to quickly set SQL tab comment from text selection in the active document.
  • Fixed a conflict with the Visual Studio Window Title Changer extension on startup.

Download link: Tabs Studio v3.7.2.

February 1, 2016

Tracking changed files

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The Visual Studio editor tracks changed lines and displays them on the selection margin: yellow – changes since the last save, green – saved changes since file opening, orange – reversed changes (undo) after a save operation. I think it can be useful to indicate changed files in the tab title as well. An orange bar instead of the default asterisk for files changed since the last save (orange looks better than yellow in the tab title), plus a green bar for saved files:

Changed file indicators in tab titles

Changed file indicators in tab titles

I’ve implemented it as the TrackEd add-in for Tabs Studio. These indicators should visually separate tabs you edited and other tabs used only for viewing. Give it a try and share your experience!

Download link: TrackEd v1.0. (Don’t forget to unblock the TrackEd.dll file after downloading from file properties.)

P.S. To clear tracking changes and the title indicator for a saved file, you can use this command for Visual Commander. (It works independently of Tabs Studio.)

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