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May 24, 2020

Full path disambiguation

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The Disambiguator add-in detects when two or more tabs have the same title and adds Visual Studio folder or project to titles for these tabs:

Notice how for WindowsProject1.h and WindowsProject1.cpp tabs it added corresponding VS folder names Header Files and Source Files and for Resource.h tabs it added corresponding project names WindowsProject2 and WindowsProject1.

Disambiguator v1.0.6 shipped with Tabs Studio v4.8.0 also had some limitations. For MainWindow.xaml.cs and MainWindow.xaml tabs that are in the same directory, folder and project it still unnecessarily adds the project name WpfApp1, and for Class1.cs tabs that are in the NewFolder1/111/Class1.cs and NewFolder2/111/Class1.cs folders it adds only the closest folder name 111.

I’ve extended Disambiguator to compare full document paths when previously demonstrated disambiguation doesn’t provide enough info:

Notice that now the project name is not added to MainWindow.xaml.cs and MainWindow.xaml tabs as they can’t be disambiguated anyway, and two levels of directory names NewFolder1/111 and NewFolder2/111 are added to Class1.cs tabs to make them unique.

Download link: Disambiguator v1.1.0.

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