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October 18, 2011

Tabs Studio v2.5.5 released

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Tabs Studio v2.5.5 released:

  • Added the PriorityGroup add-in.
  • Added the LessRowsPriority property to customize tab layout.
  • Fixed an occasional tabs reorder in VS 2010 when starting a debug session introduced with Tabs Studio v2.4.5.
  • Fixed loss of highlighting for a tab moved to another group.
  • Fixed tab moving to a row with not enough row buffer.
  • Fixed an internal XamlParseException visible when debugging your own Visual Studio add-in.

Download link: Tabs Studio v2.5.5.

Less rows priority

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Sometimes you get tabs arranged in more rows than necessary:

Tabs in 4 rows

Tabs in 4 rows

The same tabs in 3 rows

The same tabs in 3 rows

This is because the current tab layout algorithm first of all tries to minimize distracting tab movement between rows (keeping tab in the last position, reserving a row buffer for new tabs and changes in tab width).

I’ve added the new LessRowsPriority property to let you customize this behavior. (Remember also the RowBuffer property.) The larger LessRowsPriority value the more actively Tabs Studio will try to minimize number of rows. It is a double with default value of 1. Value of 10 is kind of high priority and value of 100 – very high priority. You can set it in a custom style like this:

<Style TargetType="TabsStudio:Tabs" BasedOn="{StaticResource DefaultTabsStyle}">
  <Setter Property="LessRowsPriority" Value="10"/>

October 17, 2011

Priority group

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If you have a frequently accessed tab that is open for a long time, you may want to position it at the beginning of the list for easier access and better tabs organization. The new PriorityGroup add-in lets you add such tab to the priority group and will keep it at the beginning when this tab is open:

Adding a tab to the priority group

Adding a tab to the priority group

Priority tabs are identified by tab name and work globally across all solutions. To remove a tab from the priority group, right click on the tab and select Remove from priority group.

You can color priority tabs using the new TabsStudioPriorityGroup:Properties.Top property. For example, in the standard Tab Coloring Rule dialog, add the following custom condition:

<Condition Binding="{Binding Path=(TabsStudioPriorityGroup:Properties.Top),
  RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}}" Value="True"/>
A tab coloring rule for priority tabs

A tab coloring rule for priority tabs

The Sorter add-in now recognizes if PriorityGroup is running and sorts priority tabs first:

Sorter and PriorityGroup sort and prioritize tabs

Sorter and PriorityGroup sort and prioritize tabs

PriorityGroup will be included in the next Tabs Studio release.

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