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March 21, 2012

Preview tab support in Visual Studio 11

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The preview tab in Visual Studio 11 is a separate reusable tab displayed in the right corner of the document tabs well. In Tabs Studio the preview tab is opened in the last tab position:

The preview tab in Tabs Studio

The preview tab in Tabs Studio

All relevant add-ins like Sorter, AutoOpener, PriorityGroup and OpenNext were updated to ignore the preview tab and don’t move it from the last position. I’ve added the new IsPreviewTab property to style the preview tab and show the, also new, Open button that transforms the preview tab into the regular tab.

In the Tab Coloring Rule dialog you can now access the preview tab property similar to the other properties like selected tab and previously selected tab. Most of the time, I think, you will set it to False to keep the default preview tab look. (Note, that I’ve also changed, sometimes confusing, three state checkboxes to descriptive comboboxes):

Preview tab property setup in the Tab Coloring Rule dialog

Preview tab property setup in the Tab Coloring Rule dialog

If you are interested in custom VS 11 styling, see the new light and dark default style definitions. Next I plan to add support for floating tab groups in Visual Studio 11.

Download link: Tabs Studio v2.6.3.

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