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October 24, 2010

Using AvalonEdit as a style editor in Tabs Studio

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Tabs Studio v2.1.5 makes possible to customize the style editor and the new AvalonStyleEditor add-in uses the AvalonEdit editor from the SharpDevelop IDE for style editing in Tabs Studio:

AvalonEdit style editor in Tabs Studio

AvalonEdit style editor in Tabs Studio

Out of the box AvalonEdit supports XML syntax highlighting, line numbers and block indent (select several lines and press Tab of Shift+Tab). I’ve also added the Ctrl+OemQuestion keyboard shortcut to comment and uncomment selected text.

AvalonEdit is easily extensible – more features like code completion and folding can be added later. Or completely different style editor control can be added to Tabs Studio in a separate add-in.

Download link: AvalonStyleEditor v1.0.0.

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