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September 15, 2010

Runtime Flow announcement

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I’d like to digress a little and announce my new product Runtime Flow – real time .NET function calls and function parameters monitor. It is similar to Process Monitor by Sysinternals, but shows activity for .NET code and displays function calls in a tree (it is also very similar to IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate):

Computing answer in GraphCalc

Computing answer in GraphCalc

Runtime Flow is useful to analyze your own applications and 3rd party code. For your own applications Runtime Flow integrates with Visual Studio and allows you to answer questions like “What happens when I click this button?” or “When I load a file in my program, how it is parsed?” For 3rd party .NET code Runtime Flow provides the same runtime information as source code is not required for monitoring – for example, read my troubleshooting of Visual Studio LightSwitch IDE extension installation using Runtime Flow.

I welcome you to visit the Runtime Flow site and try to monitor your applications. I’m very interested to know whether Runtime Flow is capable to solve your problems and improve your productivity.

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