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February 12, 2010

Tabs Studio v1.8.2 is released

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Tabs Studio v1.8.2 is released:

  • Added the Group titles ignoring case differences option.
  • Added Title grouping regex processing to single titles.
  • Changed default Title grouping regex and remove path transform to support a path with back slashes.
  • Separated remove path transforms for VS and SSMS internally.
  • Improved the first Tabs window reliability to save and restore its position.
  • Fixed rare code window shift when using tabs in a separate window.
  • Fixed Open Corresponding File error to open .h files on non-English VS editions by removing workaround to open Windows Forms .h files from .h [Design].
  • Fixed the incorrect package name in the Visual Studio 2010 About window for the Tabs Studio 2010 Helper extension.

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