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December 24, 2009

SSMS tab grouping

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SQL Server Management Studio uses quite different scheme for tab names from Visual Studio. Here is the screenshot of default tab names (I temporarily configured Tabs Studio to not group tabs):

No tab grouping

No tab grouping

I’ve significantly improved SSMS support in the next Tabs Studio version:

1. Separate settings for SSMS.

Now SSMS 2005/2008, VS 2005/2008 and VS 2010 have separate settings. You can customize each of the three product lines independently.

2. Remove path from tab name works for SSMS.

Turning on the Remove path from tab name option strips parentheses and removes path from tab names in SSMS now:

Remove path from tab name in action

Remove path from tab name in action

3. Special title grouping rules for SSMS out of the box.

Tabs Studio now uses new default title grouping rules when running in SSMS that both group tabs and strip parentheses:

Tab grouping (default)

Tab grouping (default)

4. Support for SSMS table paths.

Documents representing tables in SSMS have document paths like “Server[@Name=’COMP1′]/Database[@Name=’ReportServer’]/Table[@Name=’ActiveSubscriptions’ and @Schema=’dbo’]”. Tabs Studio now applies path grouping rules to these paths as well.

Update: Tabs Studio v1.7.9 with these changes is ready for download.

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