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August 27, 2009

Navigator add-in

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Navigator allows you to switch tabs using keyboard. It provides two new Visual Studio commands to activate tabs on the left and on the right of the currently selected one.

Navigator is a good example of Visual Studio commands creation in Tabs Studio’s add-in. Main Navigator class implements the EnvDTE.IDTCommandTarget interface. Commands class registers two new commands, reports their status as always enabled and checks when it is time to execute them.

Actual navigation is implemented in CommandsImpl class. Uisng the ITabsStudioEngine.GetTabs method it gets information about all tabs, determines selected tab group, determines selected tab, finds adjacent tab in TabPanel, finds active extension in adjacent tab and activates corresponding Visual Studio window using Activate method.

Assigning keyboard shortcuts to these commands in Visual Studio keyboard options I noticed that assigning, for example, Ctrl+2 in Global scope to TabsStudio.Connect.NavigateToNextTab works, but to assign Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow it is needed to be in Text Editor scope or default Text Editor command overrides it.

Download Navigator v1.0.0 for Tabs Studio v1.5.5.

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